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RivaLago Hotel facing Iseo Lake

, , Italy
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الرمز البريدي : 25058
الدولة: Italy
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رقم الموقع : 39097
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Review featured by: Iryna Goryn.

The Lake of Iseo is definitively the ‘Green Emerald’ of Italy!

This place would be nothing without the luxurious and charm offered by the RivaLago hotel @hotelrivalago: the pearl of Iseo.   We invite you to book the entire stay to this hotel surrounded by charm and absolute quietness as this area it is the perfect retreat with all the amenities you can look for.

The panoramic 360-glass restaurant and the spacious suite balcony are the two remarkable landmarks that deserve all your eyes attention. With great views across Lake Iseo and Monte Isola island, Hotel Rivalago is the perfect choice that combines the logistic of private tours to ‘Oldofredi Caslte’, private degustation tours in Franciacorta area and the relaxing garden includes a large, heated swimming pool.

The Rivalago Hotel is a 2-minute walk from the ferry port for departures across the lake. Trains to the city of Brescia and other destinations around the Lombardy region can be caught from Sulzano Station nearby.

The team is very competent, international and ready for every guest need around the clock. In particular Mrs. Claudia supported the PR activities and made possible to realise this video.

The room displayed in this video and photos is a master suite.

For insights into the most exclusive properties available located in Iseo please contact our team of Globify Dream Properties at

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