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Our philosophy

Mission & Vision

  • Become in 15 years the global leading point of reference for institutional investors and property buyers
  • Increase the client’s satisfaction index up to 98%
  • Have a local presence in every country of the world by 2030
  • Making use of the latest cutting edge technology and apply it to the real estate (360 pictures, simulated tour, augmented reality, special effects…)
  • Cater other real estate segments and complementary services that are currently underserved
  • Empowering every employee and create a sustainable and unparalleled working environment where the brightest minds are ready to serve every customer need
  • Our pillars are:
    • constant interactions with professionals (opening events)
    • striving for excellence and always challenge the status quo
  • Multi-centric and holistic customer approach.

Whether you are looking to simply rent the right property for you, purchase the life-dream home, to move your business, residence, tax structure and assets, you will always be assisted: Globify is the right solution for you.

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