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One step beyond Dubai Mansions: the Laguna Mediterranean concept

$ 23,300,000
7 946 556m2
$ 2.93 / 7 946 556m2
, , United Arab Emirates
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Country: United Arab Emirates
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Property Id : 36528
Price: $ 23,300,000
Property Size: 7 946 556m2
Bedrooms: 7
Bathrooms: 10
Garages: Included 5+ places
Year Built: 2018
Available From: 2019-04-30
Floors No: 3
Basement Floor
Basement Floor
Ground Floor
Ground Floor
First Floor
First Floor

Welcome to the Dubai’s most prestigious address for the elite few where the world comes to live in style.
Have access by definition to one the most unique and rare Mansions ever built in Dubai, combining contemporary design with exquisite interiors and spectacular views.


Step into the ultimate expression of modern living, a world where a home goes beyond the walls that liberate you, where ordinary meets the extra and living appeases your imagination.
From the vast expanses of green serenity that stretch most naturally, to the soaring indulgences of luxury living.

Discover this mansion and other luxury properties 3D TOUR here below.

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We look forward meeting you in person.
About us: Globify is one leading Realtor offering the most attractive investment solutions around the world, including Dubai, from residential to commercial, including luxury apartments, villas and mansions.


Wake up to breathtaking views of the world’s largest man-made 7km crystal artificial Lagoon, where a special filtering and cleaning patent system makes the water potable and transparent.
Enjoy with the family the 14 km boardwalk or leisure strolls amid 26 million sq.ft. picturesque greenery and 8.4km of cycling and running track.
This gated community hosts the most rare and privileged Mansions and Villas available in Dubai which comes in three distinctive architectural styles:
– Modern Arabic
– Mediterranean
– Contemporary

We offer you homes that impeccably match your status.

Located in the heart of Dubai, 4 km from Downtown Dubai:
– 2 mins from ‘Meydan One’
– 5 mins from ‘The Meydan Hotel’
– 12 mins from the ‘Dubai International Financial Center’
– 15 mins from the ‘Burj Al Arab’
– 16 mins from the ‘Dubai Wold Trade Center’
– 20 mins from the Dubai International Airport

This unique complex of residences is nestled amidst the warmth of nature and the luxuries designed for the privileged, it is one of the lowest-density developments at the centre of Dubai.
Whether it’s the evening run past picturesque green spaces, the quiet kayaking on the crystal clear lagoon, a private beach access or other exclusive premium amenities like a club house, retail outlets, cafes, a grand neighbourhood and more.

The Lagoon project is undeniably living at its finest and fullest and it is an opportunity for private and investors looking into an annual net ROI of up to 15% for such Mansions.
According with the Mansion selected, size and interior design the price is variable, we invite you to contact with us.
Phase 3 of completion has commenced, early investors will have the chance to buy at discount before project delivery.

Discover these apartments features and their 3D TOUR here below.

We look forward meeting you in person.
Mobile / WhatsApp / Viber: +32 483 436 063
Skype: Globify Dream Properties /Int.

About us: Globify is one leading Realtor offering the most attractive investment solutions around the world, including Dubai, from residential to commercial, including luxury apartments, villas and mansions.

Greenery and Open Spaces.
District One is a low density residential community located just 4 kilometres from Downtown Dubai that offers fresh living with parks, lawns, green corridors, recreational parks, as well as landscaped walkways.
The green open spaces within the District One community promote physical activity and movement, social engagement and better mental health.

Cycling and Running Tracks.
Meydan Sobha developed the District One Cycling and Running Tracks as part of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s vision for Dubai. The objective was to provide a world-class amenity for for both the residents of District One and the UAE, to promote an active and healthy lifestyle.
The cycling and running tracks are 8.4 kilometres long and run the entire periphery of the community. Both tracks run side by side with the cycling track being 6.1 metres wide and the running track being 4 metres wide.
The running track has been developed with a specialised running surface made of 6MM EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber to provide all keen joggers with softer running surface that helps lower the risk of injuries.
The tracks are equipped with 386 solar light poles that provide environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient lighting at night. The tracks are surrounded by landscaping, 730 trees and over 90,000 shrubs,
to ensure a tranquil environment with several break-out areas for the track users.

Water Bodies.
The Water Bodies within District One is a unique feature of the project that upon completion will become the largest man-made Water Bodies in
the world.
Covering an impressive 7 kilometres, the Water Bodies are designed as a sustainable water feature that complies with the most stringent international water quality standards with environmentally-friendly, patented technology that keeps the water looking crystal blue all year long.
The Water Bodies will provide the residents exclusive access to swimming, paddle- boarding, kayaking and other non-motorised aquatic leisure activities. It is also complimented by sandy beaches and a 14 kilometre boardwalk that surrounds the lagoon, offering residents opportunities for holistic living.



– 5th FIFTH Largest metropolitan economy in the world
– 4th Visited travel destination worldwide
– 45 million guest nights per year
– 86% average Dubai hotel occupancy rate
– 20 million tourists expected annually by 2020

Dubai is one of the world’s fastest-growing business and tourism hubs. In 2020, the city will host the World Expo, which is expected to attract 25 million business and leisure visitors. Most established international corporations open their regional representative offices in Dubai, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs for specialists catering to a broad range of industry sectors from all over the world. Demand for residential and commercial property is rising steadily as a result.

Every year more than 10 million people visit the vibrant city of Dubai and by 2020, this figure is set to double to 20 million, according to the Dubai Government. Demand for hotel accommodation is therefore growing at a fast pace, outstripping inventory supply. This presents opportunities for savvy investors to get a foothold in the burgeoning property market.

Globify boasts 30 years of experience internationally and offers investment opportunities in properties and sub-markets with strong growth potential. The company’s main competitive advantage is its focus on commercial and residential hotel investment opportunities, which historically generate high returns on investment.


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